Frequently asked questions

Will there be food?

YES! We will have a kitchen hand ready to make you every meal including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, starting Monday night to Friday morning. There will also be snacks out for you to eat at any point! All of this is included in the in-person attendee ticket!

Where are we staying?

PALM SPRINGS: We will be staying at a local Airbnb in Palm Springs, CA with enough beds to comfortably fit 14 ladies. There is plenty of lounge space to hang out, as well as patios and a BIG backyard to go outside if you want to!

How do I get there?

PALM SPRINGS: If you are not local to Palm Springs, the best option would be to fly in to Palm Springs International Airport (about 10 minutes from the Airbnb. It is a small airport and you will most likely have a layover). If you wish to drive, you can rent a car from Ontario International Airport for about a 2 hour drive, or from LAX which is about a 3 hour drive.

We also recommend renting a car! After registering, you will be placed in a Facebook group with the other ladies attending. You can coordinate with a group of ladies and split the cost, the best way to rent a car, that way we can also use them to drive into the parks as well for the shoots! :)

what time is check in and check out?

For our Moab workshop, check-in on Monday will be at 5:30pm local California time. Check out on Friday will be 10am local California time.

Will I have to share a bed?

Yes, you will most likely have a room mate and may have to share a bed with another girl. If you are uncomfortable with this at any point, please let us know and we will accommodate you as best we can.

Can I meet the other girls before the workshop?

Yes! Upon signing up, you will be added to our Facebook group and be able to interact with the other girls attending the workshop, as well as ask any questions!

Will we have free time?

We will definitely arrange for free time to be with Jesus/do devotionals, etc.. We will also allot time to hang out, maybe watch a movie together, make cookies, or whatever you guys want to do. This is not only a workshop, but also a place for you to retreat and focus back on Jesus! We may also have worship at some points before lectures. :)