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palm springs Workshop

march 16-20th 2020

Tickets go on sale September 5th!!!



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dani purington (host)


Hey friends!! If you don’t know me quite yet, all you need to know is that grilled cheese, mac ‘n cheese, and cheese quesadillas are pretty much my life. As well as desserts - so you best believe there will be LOTS of that at this workshop! I’ve been a wedding photographer for two years, and this has been my first year full-time. I went from having 10 weddings my first year, to over 30 weddings and 50 gigs (engagements, elopements, mentor sessions, you name it!) in just a years time! And you wanna know my secret? I invested in myself and my education to the process. My first workshop I attended changed my life - and that’s what I want to do for you ladies. I can’t tell you HOW excited I am to be hosting this next year! It’s such a passion of my heart to give back to such a wonderful community, and you ladies are at the front of my mind! I want to serve you, teach you, get you on the road to being an AWESOME boss babe, help you grow in the Lord, and also help you grow your business! Friends, this life we live is so short. And to find a passion that we love doing every day is exciting, and such a blessing! What better way to use it than for Jesus - the one who matters most at the end of the day!!


alyssa sundelius


Hi friends, I’m Alyssa!!! but most people just call me Lyss!!! I found that I feel most at home when I'm surrounded by the mountains and nature, so I traded in the San Diego sunshine and moved to Seattle, Washington!!! and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself (second to following Jesus). A few things that make my heart beat hard: eating tacos, building community, worshipping Jesus, naming my plants (my room is basically a jungle), pushing people towards their dreams, breathing in fresh mountain air, and of course, connecting with & photographing rad human beings and their love stories. I still get teary eyed when I pause to think about where I’m at now, in my life and my photography business; long awaited God spoked promises and dreams are now reality and I’m so dang grateful. The thing I love most about photography?? The connection. and I’m not just talking about making new friends or networking or having a lot of clients or feeling like I finally belong... I’m talking about the deep rooted connections that have been built beyond from my camera through quality time, sharing meals, experiencing new places, letting the tears flow, laughing till more tears come, and having dance parties celebrating life & love together. Those hand squeezes with my brides before they walk down the aisle are what I live for. Being able to meet people right where they’re at, connect with them and then serve them right there, as their photographer and friend, in those moments is truly the biggest honor and joy I could ever ask for.And that goes for you rad babes too. You're not alone in this and I truly believe that we’re better together! I'm so dang giddy and can’t wait to connect with each one of you, meet you right where you’re at and ask, how can I help?


Shannon st. clair


When people ask me why so many Christians pursue photography, I actually ask why they think so many photographers pursue Christianity; in my personal life this is more commonly the case. The photography industry brings us closer to the highest highs and the lowest lows; it brings us the greatest joys of love and the ability to spread that love, but also the emotional struggles of working 24-7, of putting yourself out there, of making your living off your art.  With telling all these crazy love stories and pressures, we need to find a truth of our own, and I’ve found mine in the Gospel. That’s why I’m SO excited to share my heart for Faith and Storytelling at Rooted!! A creative Christian who loves Jesus has never been a club or a fad to me — its someone who tried to be known in their own power and strength, but then realized they couldn’t do it alone any longer.  That's my story. I hope to help someone grow in their business knowing that SO many pressures are no longer applicable to you because you are saved, and teach someone how to spread art as a strong business woman, even while remaining culturally relevant, while bringing it back to God all the while. 

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whitley mcdonald



An extremely extroverted, people loving goofball who believes life is just too good not to celebrate big!

I'm a 21 year old wedding photographer who got her start in the industry and the young age of 17, unenrolled from college by faith 2 weeks before move in at age 18 and have been rolling with the punches and building a business & brand that encourages & serves others through encouragement and at the end of the day, makes Jesus known! 

Outside of being a photographer, you can find me hoarding HomeGoods items by the dozen, nose deep in the Word, or driving aimlessly on the Minnesota dirt roads that root me. I'm a firm believer in Jesus, laughing, and being a friend to everyone I'm blessed enough to stand in front of. Business ownership is more than just that, its the opportunity to serve with heart, personality, and Jesus in mind. That is what I am most thankful for and hope to share with all of you at the workshop!